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This page collects opinion and comment for or against the motion that there should not be a university for Hereford.  As the reply to the published letters here indicates.  the lone voice below calls for  A New University for Hereford  to respond via the Hereford Journal.  

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1  Questions

1  Why are there so many, mainly long pages?  written by the author to start the ball rolling

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1.1   >30/1

There are over thirty, mainly academic people associated with A New University for Hereford  here. 25 4 2014

There's presently one lone Internet voice.  It's necessary to give them plenty to work with.

 1.2   >30/3

There are, however, two published voices here.      

Increase that /3 number via No.2.

It is not conditional that you are against the motion.

Perhaps the fraction can be improved. Another voice complaining about academe might be recruited.


Letter in Hereford Journal 23 April p 7

Conclusion is obvious

WHERE   has  all  common sense gone?

A new study by academics at the London School of Economics claims that wind farms can reduce property prices within a 2km radius of the structures by up to 12 per cent. It also says that the structures may have a negative impact on houses , up to 14 km away!

Well bless my cotton socks, now who would have thought that? I guess the age of common sense has well and truly ended when it requires an academic study to determine the blindingly obvious.


via email

If so, then there will be four voices.  In the meantime, there are 3.5 voices:



1.3  185535/3

There are 14,000 British professors here and add, say, twelve times that number of academics who aren't. They won't deny that another university is wanted.  Door-step sociology. (I'm in similar stats re Switzerland,1992.)

       14000 x 12



     182000     A useful statistic (if true) which helps see the ratio of profs to others.


The Higher Education Statistics Agency gives us a total of 185535.   

Staff in UK Higher Education 2010/11 - 

17,465 academic staff had contracts conferring the title of ‘Professor' here   i e  c 10% 


Increase that /3 number via No. 2


Clearly, public support is needed to balance the equation. Via No. 2


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If you would like your questions and comments addressed to me to be published on this page or elsewhere in this series of pages, your name or pen name will be used only with your permission.

Alan F Harrison (Prof, ret'd)


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