Carer World notes


One reason for including this series of pages on this website is that it gives unpaid carers insight into the university for Herefordshire topic.  They will also see how healthcare professionals are trained.



Another reason is that healthcare professionals, both existing and aspirant, read the website.  I have suggested to A New University  for Hereford  that it makes some of its  core curriculum open to a wider range of students than it identifies.


If the NUH rationale is that county residents should not need to cross borders for HE, why should anyone who doesn't meet its present selection criteria need to? 

source  left column here and here  under HLC own HE courses include those advertised


New University students will benefit from a mandatory cross-curriculum in Human Interaction© to platform  each with:    

 critical    understanding    of    the    social    and    ethical    context    for    their    core    studies      

 communication,    critical    thinking,    and    analytical    skills    

 work    readiness    skills    to    ensure    their    global    employability   source - foot of p2  here

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