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NUH imprecision

Population growth over 30 years to be 3.8% according to NUH   - No. 4.1 here

NUH is unclear as to the population of the county.

Herefordshire can be characterised as one of the UK’s most under-invested, forgotten counties. With only 184,000 inhabitants, the population is sparsely spread across the county; and there is no dynamic ‘pull’ – nor even a motorway link – to the outside world. Herefordshire underperforms against many key metrics, whilst its demographic profile places a significantly higher than average pressure on systems of support.

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The New University –  a  Vision for Next Generation Higher Education     

Herefordshire    could    be    characterized    as    one    of    the    UK’s    forgotten    counties.       With    only    182,000  residents, it    regularly    features    at    the    bottom    of    UK    lists:   lowest    funded    schools;    lowest    national  financing; least   connected    digitally.  As such, the  county  hardly seems  a  likely  setting for  potentially  one  of  the  most  radical  provisions  in next  generation higher  education. 

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