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"Education, education, education" was how Tony Blair set out his priorities for office - as Labour campaigned to put classrooms at the top of the political agenda.

So how much has his 10 years in office achieved for schools, colleges and universities in England? Devolution is another part of the legacy, so this has been about England rather than the rest of the UK.  more


'Education, education, education' 

Put     Education, education, education     plus      Blair     into Google News and the results include:


Schools should do more to ensure teenagers are not "grunting and monosyllabic" so they can succeed in life, a former aide to Tony Blair says.  more 


Put     Education, education, education      plus    2014 UK     and the results include:


Most students will still be paying back loans from their university days in their 40s and 50s, and many will never clear the debt, research finds. more 


Britain slides further down the international academic league tables.  more

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