Carer World - extracts & notes


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  1. Young carers are no different from their adult counterparts and many don't broadcast the fact that they perform a carer role.

  2. In a photo-call such as this, the young carers are likely to be on the right in either row.  

  3. Olivia in the front row is partly hidden by Tony.

  4. Georgina at the back ensures she is seen but didn't beat the rush for the front row.

  5. Robert to her left is not  in the frame  as he is making a good effort at being seen.

  6. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  7. There are links relating to the stigma of being an unpaid adult carer here and on the main website here.

  8. Discrimination  is mentioned three times in an important young carer document here
  10. (Can't find it? - Explore)

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