Carer World - extracts & notes

Report of the Standing Commission on Carers 2007 to 2009 

Last autumn, Ofsted looked at provision for young carers in eight local authorities. The report on the survey findings Supporting young carers  -    identifying, assessing and meeting the needs of young carers and their families, which was published in June 2009, indicated that:  


Councils were identifying fewer young carers than might be expected – 

identification of young carers in families with substance misuse and mental 

health problems was a particular challenge. 


Services working with ill or disabled parents (and not identifying young carers) 

were consistently failing to take account of their needs and views during 



Resources for local young carers’ projects were not always secure and 



At a strategic level, action to deliver better integrated, whole-family working 

across adult and children’s services was still work in progress. 


Ofsted’s findings about the challenges and gaps in support are much in line 

with those set out in the Carers Strategy, and the Commission recognises that 

the Government has an extensive range of actions underway to address them. 


Ofsted’s evidence, however, is helpful in reinforcing the messages in the strategy 

on the need for ongoing service development to ensure all families with young 

carers receive the support they need. 


source - A44, p15 here   the numbers above have been added to aid referencing


 Supporting young carers and their families - Information for Children’s Services  here