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B N publications I can read

 Is there room at the Inn: palliative care for homeless people. BJCN. Vol 17(10),  October 2012  here

2008: Why is it so difficult to die? 2nd edition - via St Richard's Hospice library

Is fear of death itself a rational preoccupation? [PDF]

On loan from the Hive for non-B N reading  - Researching Palliative Care - Field D et al   Amazon   Google    


I hope to read much of what is seen here and these on line but there are difficulties:

2009: Nyatanga, B. When last offices are more than a white sheet. Comment. British Journal of Nursing 18(17) 

2012: Nyatanga, B. Communicating with dying patients: a time to listen more than talk. BJCN. Vol. 17(8) August 2012  


2012: Nyatanga, B. In search of alternative ways of dying. Editorial.  IJPN Vol. 18(7). July 2012   


2012: Nyatanga, B. Inside the mind of a relative at the end of life. BJCN.  17(7). 28th June 2012 

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