Carer World notes


For Hereford Journal editor


The emphasis is on negotiation.

This is more than a publicity exercise for this and a larger website devoted to the carer world.  The main aim of the project is making life easier for unpaid carers across the UK. That's a tall order without the help of newspapers and I hope you will agree to give it a mention in a future issue of the Journal.  

If that mention only gives the link   then it's the first stage in involving your readers in the project. There's plenty of controversial material to motivate letters. 

Looked at from your viewpoint, you'll make comparisons with the Hereford Times coverage on the two websites.  I have pointed to its inclusion.

Here's the headings for the decision-making:

  1. Use of title in the header graphics
  2. Use of scanned material from the Hereford Journal
  3. Use of material from your website
  4. Comparison with Hereford Times
  5. The two websites benefit from reading the Hereford Journal
  6. Writing for the Journal
  7. Conclusion

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Hereford Journal pages on this website 

  1. Hereford Journal Report on the Landmark Trust Carers Holiday Scheme here  

  2. Moves to improve dementia diagnosis rates here
  4. NHS Trust welcomes latest guide report  here 

  5. NHS Trust welcomes latest guide report (no links) here

  6. The dying wish of a Hereford woman here

  7. Care home staff praised by fire chief here

  8.  Hereford Journal index here i.e. the list here

  9. Hereford Journal - suggestions for articles here


Hereford Journal inclusion on Carer World website

  1. St Michael's Hospice page here i.e. from No. 1.5 above - Item 2 refers
  2. Respite - 5c here
  3. Herefordshire County Council page here (See H)
  4. Newspapers page here

1  Use of title in the header graphics

If you do not allow its use, all such graphics will be removed.  

Otherwise, one of these might be appropriate: 

   1.2.1  You give me a jpg etc
   1.2.2  The graphic above
   1.2.3  The one on white here
   1.2.4                    black here
   1.2.5              with no title - white background here
   1.2.6                                 black background here
   1.2.7  You state the background colour - also re 1.2.1

2  Use of scanned material from the Hereford Journal

The panel on the right shows what has been done.  

3  Use of material from your website


I am not much good at finding the appropriate text and graphics and seek guidance.


Ideally, (because it saves a lot of work) I hope to find:

     3.2.1   Hospital ventilation system a concern - page 1, 4 Dec.

     3.2.2   Centre staff delighted at positive patient feedback - page 5, 18 Dec

     3.2.3   Assessment unit aiming to reduce pressure on A & E  - page 2 - ibid.

     3.2.4   Perhaps - Bishop calls for protest cuts - page 1, 4 Dec

     3.2.5   Son donates £200,00 to hospice in mother's name - 1 Jan page 2   - to ad to No. 9 above right

     3.2.6   Worrying increase in home care visits - letter  ibid  page 7

     3.2.7   Hospice reveals town's donations top £250,000  ibid page 8  

     3.2.9   NHS Trust volunteers  ibid  page 16



      Care home staff praised by fire chief here

4  Comparison with Hereford Times

4.1   here

4.2   The aim is to reach a much wider audience by using Herefordshire Journals with base articles for all local editions..

5  The two websites benefit from reading the Hereford Journal

The most interesting article I have read is the Report on the Landmark Trust Carers Holiday Scheme here.  When I first read it, it didn't sink in because I am unable to take respite in the form offered.  Going through the text and finding out more about the scheme while posting it to this website has been an inspiration.

If the modified text is of use to your website, please use it.

Moves to improve dementia diagnosis rates  here inspired looking at newspapers with this 

result  -   Dementia theguardian  coverage here

NHS Trust welcomes latest guide report  here introduced me to  Dr Foster's 'Good Hospital Guide  and  Integrated Care Organisation .  Both will be used to good effect on the main website.

Their use benefits the website which, I hope benefits its readers.

6   Writing for the Journal

Perhaps we could explore an article of your choosing.  Many topics on the two websites might be covered.  Other topics could be investigated. Suggestions here.

6.1.2  The challenge is to address the imbalance relating to UK press coverage of paid v unpaid carers.

Better still, the context of 6.1.1 could be the start of, say, a monthly article on what's happening in the carer world.

My policy when creating and updating a lot of websites is to keep them watertight with no overlaps.  One website includes my publications and, in a small way, I am still being hard-copy published.  Details can be given if needed.

I am not looking for payment or expenses. If your accounts system prefers payment, let it be a joint donation to charity.

7  In conclusion

I trust that consideration will be given to my proposals.

Best wishes.

Alan F Harrison (Prof)

31 Dec 2013

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