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It is not a condition that I write the articles.  Far from it.  The aims of the two websites emphasise making things easier for unpaid carers. 

Although the main website is barely more than three months old, it is a large site.  Here are five prime topics: 

Carer Corner 

  1. The Internet is the main source of unpaid carer information and resources
  2. The need for unpaid carer respite
  3. Who is a carer? 
  4. What makes a carer?
  5. Young carers
  6. Carers who work

1   The Internet is the main source of unpaid carer information and resources

One problem is that of the 5.2 million households without Internet access, the most common reason for not having a connection was that they 'did not need it' (54 per cent). source  more

Another problem is that senior citizens may say that they don't need the Internet when they'd prefer not to admit that it is beyond them.  "The elderly are increasingly excluded by lack of internet access.".  However, the article focuses on care homes.  source  more  

Perhaps the first local step has been taken.  See 12 December here. (Another of my carer world websites.)

2   The need for unpaid carer respite

Starting points are here here and here.

3   Who is a carer? 

Starting point is here

4    What makes a carer?

Starting point is here   Stories here.    

If you don't look after your own health, how can you look after your caree?  Panel 5 here followed by a carer story.

5    Young carers 

Starting point is here    Alarm bells here.   How young do they start?    here 

Is five the right age to start as a carer? It's official here. That was from 1e here.   More at No. 1 here.

6    Carers who work

Starting point is here

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