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AN OPEN LETTER TO ATOS HEALTHCARE    7 NOVEMBER 2013          This page is a satellite of No. 4 here.

Before reading it it is useful to see what some of its topics are about.

  1. Carerwatch here     
  2. After Atos  here  
  3. A### the Truth - no result here therefore look at its predecessor  - 4
  4. Atos register of shame website here
  5. the recent Harrington Report here   
  6. Work and Pensions Select Committee here     
  7. work capability assessment atos  here
  8. In Cameron’s Britain the disabled and sick are seen as surplus to the task of ‘bringing down the deficit’. Halfway down here.
Read the letter here.   more



Atos to lose monopoly after 'flawed and unacceptable' disability benefit assessments here  2 January 2014 


After Your Assessment   here


Atos scandal: Benefits bosses admit over half of people ruled fit to work ended up destitute here


Our current welfare system doesn't work: but we are concerned about the impact of welfare changes on people living in poverty  here

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