Carer World - extracts & notes

This website system


As a starting point, all cheap site systems are likely to cause problems for ambitious sites.  Look upon the Carer World site as on its way to another system one day. 


In the meantime, it's stuck with the black background within the impact graphic also known as the header graphic - example..  Most other pages don't use the default background but it's a lot more work.  The header graphic on this page is a good example. 


The system limitations within most cheap sites don't extend to giving specific text its own link so that readers can be easily directed. That's why there are many pages set up like this - numbered paragraphs or panels.  This Notes website has been set up to add an additional feature which the basic Yola sitebuilder doesn't include.


There will be a page or more for computer enthusiasts giving a lot more detail.  As present communication is by email, do make comments or ask if you have a question.   


Computer enthusiasts will be asked how they go about bespoke graphics.  I use them a lot and many present worthwhile challenges.  There are further challenges ahead such as improving the impact graphic here.  Experts can remove the background to the hot water bottle and the un-needed square look to both components. 


With the aim of introducing non-www carers to IT, help develop the series here.  click.


Your help needed here, please.